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FB Metal Work is well known in the industry as a company that consistently meets client expectations and their growing demands for steel erection. Our company can cut and weld steel work for specific projects and our team of enthusiastic individuals are determined to get the job done right the first time.

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Structural Steel Erectors

Our trained team of certified professionals install steel by safety assembling rigging gear to erect and dismantle structural steel frames from buildings and other structures.

We conduct all work to the very highest industry and safety standards and assess each site according to specific requirements. Removal of any potential hazards prior to the commencement of work .

We have erected steel structures for many projects, including:
  • Attaching slinging gear to hoist up equipment and objects to be moved using clamps, hooks, bolts & knots

  • Creating support braces and components to reinforcing steel into position

  • Attach pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures, and installing cables and attaching counterweights

  • Setting up equipment to raise and position girders, plates, columns and other steel units

  • Erecting guard rails, guy wires, ropes and clears, laying planks and hanging safety nets


We have been a leading force in the steel construction industry offering bar reinforcement, reinforcing wire mesh, cutting and welding proving a fast installation service int Toronto and surrounding areas.

Our years of experience in the steel industry will help accelerate your construction project – saving you time and money.

Our take pride in having high product quality standards to help meet today’s challenges of shortening project times and pressure.

Structural Steel Welding

Certified professional welders at FB Metal Work, ensure quality control of welded products, ease of technical documentation handling, rigid application of welding procedures and technical standards, and monitoring of welders in their daily tasks. The characteristics of our welding process displays flexibility, allows for welding low alloy steels, and most often used for heat-resistant steel, leaving behind a smoother finish .

In order to ensure quality services, the welding staff of FB Metal Work is hand selected with strict criteria and high qualifications. We help train our staff/employees to improve their specialties and strengths. Workers have the ability to easily read and handle documentation, apply safe procedures/standards and also monitor their daily welding tasks.

  • Welding Service can be contracted separately

  • Budget request response within 24 hours

  • One of the best market delivery times

  • Competitive prices

Pressure Vessels

Our qualified staff have the expertise to handle and install pressure vessels accurately.  We are capable of installing vessels in all shapes and sizes and have a long track record of reliable installations for public structures, buildings, etc, because we know our customers need it done right the first time.

FB Metal Work installs these vessels using some of the best tools available on the market, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and the growth of our company.

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